Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre, Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam

BBC report on Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre at Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam.

LaLa – Black-shanked Douc at Dao Tien

LaLa is a black-shanked douc who was rescued last year, and has been growing up at Dao Tien, undergoing rehabilitation so she can be released when she is ready. LaLa had been hunted from the wild. We believe her mother was most likely killed for meat (douc intestines are considered a delicacy by some) and then LaLa was sold as a pet in a market. Luckily she was rescued within a few days of this ordeal and brought to Dao Tien. Because doucs often die quickly in the pet trade (due to their very sensitive nature and specialised diet) we do not think she would have survived if she had been kept as a pet. LaLa has gone from strength to strength during her time on Dao Tien. You can see pictures of her progress on our Facebook Page.

One of Thor’s Babies (Pygmy loris)

One of the loris twins born to Thor – possibly baby ‘Hoai’. Both twins are doing good so far. Sadly many loris are hunted from the wild during the breeding season in August, and their their teeth are pulled before being sold on- usually as pets. This is what happened to Thor – who was rescued in October last year. Infants born in the trade rarely survive. We hope these twins will have a brighter future. Although their mother ‘Thor’ cannot return to the wild (her teeth were pulled before she was rescued to stop her biting her new ‘owners’) the twins growing up in our semi-forested enclosure may have a chance. You can see pictures of the twins on our Facebook page and we will keep you updated with their progress.

EAST News – Part 1 – Pygmy Loris

At our EAST awareness event in Monkey World we asked their visitors to help us make a news report about pygmy loris and the illegal trade in them for pets. This is what they had to say. Thanks all for your help – and our fabulous EAST volunteers. Raising awareness with wigs and giant sunglasses – excellent!

EAST News – Part 2 – Golden-cheeked Gibbons

Second news report from our EAST Awareness Day at Monkey World. All about the golden-cheeked gibbon; including footage from the gibbons in Vietnam. Some very cute clips on this one.

EAST News – Part 3 – Protecting Vietnam’s Primates

Third and final news report from our EAST Awareness Day at Monkey World. This one is about what EAST is doing in Vietnam to protect endangered primates. Thanks to all the Monkey World visitors for your help in making it.