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Teaching Resources

EAST’s Teaching Resources are free downloadable resources that cover many areas of school curriculums (including British National Curriculum, American Curriculum and International Curriculum).

Please show your International support for pygmy loris conservation

Wear your pygmy loris mask with pride and send us a selfie! Your photos will be shared at a meeting with the Vietnamese Government to show that people all over the world care for these pygmy loris and want these amazing unique primates to be around for our children’s children.

New! Save the Loris! Activity Book

Pygmy loris are just one of the animals EAST is helping to protect from extinction in Vietnam.  Pygmy lorises are amazing little primates, and we want everyone to know about them!  Packed full of information, lesson ideas and resources, this book will help you teach all about the weird and wonderful world of the pygmy loris.

EAST Factsheet – Real life examples of conservation in action

A useful resource when teaching about conservation issues and endangered species. Provides information on the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam and the rescue and rehabilitation process that takes place at Dao Tien to help save endangered primates.

EAST Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle can be used independently or as part of a web quest on the EAST home page. Students can find all answers to the crossword within our website.

EAST Word Search

A simple word search to support any lessons about EAST and the work at Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre.


A fun activity to introduce or develop the idea of animal adaptations. Children must design their own Super Primate with the world’s best adaptations explaining why they have chosen them.

EAST Loris Pet Trade Poster

Print and display the EAST Loris Pet Trade Poster.

Loris Face Mask

Cut out and colour your own loris face mask!

Species Fact Sheet: Pygmy Loris

Print and display the EAST Pygmy Loris fact sheet.
Available to download soon or email to request.

Wobbly Loris!

Cut out and colour your own ‘wobbly’ loris!