We would love for you to get involved in helping us raise money to protect Vietnam’s native wildlife.  You can either choose a particular project you want to fund raise for, or choose a time scale to run the project over.  The following are examples of certain aspects of the work on Dao Tien where the funds would go:

$70 = Food for all our gibbons for one week.
$150 = a GPS device, essential for the forest team to monitro the progress of released primates.
£300 = a good pair of binoculors for the forest team to monitor the progress of released primates.
$350 = a forest monitoring team (1 member a day) for a month.
$500 = health checks for a new arrival when they are rescued from the illegal trade.
$600 = a new computer for a local school, aiding the Dao Tien in their local scolls education programme.
$2,000 = a scholarship for a local student to study in the forest for two months, helping to support the next generation of Vietnamese conservationists.
$4,000 = a radio collar for a gibbon to be monitored once it has been released into the wild.

Ideas for Fundraising

Sponsored fun runs/swims, non-uniform days, collections, making and selling products such as t-shirts, key rings or postcards, cake sales.

Support from EAST

Our involvement can include:

  • Providing beautiful EAST posters to display at your event.
  • An EAST DVD highlighting the work of EAST in Vietnam, right from the very start.
  • Further information to organisers, teachers and/or students.
  • Give updates on the progress of different projects at Dao Tien to show where the money has gone (on request).
  • Certificates to acknowledge your support.
  • Prizes to individuals for certain categories, such as the most money raised, the best fundraising idea and the best idea for raising awareness!

Please contact to begin!

A Special Thank You to Fundraisers

Thank you to our EAST volunteers Lindsay Duncan and Peter Morris who held a stall at the Vietnam Summer Festival 2012 at the Spitafields Market, London, on the 14th July.  With special thanks to event organiser Chi Phan who supported our work and kindly allowed EAST to join in thjis special day.

Volunteers Peter Morris and Lindsay Duncan at the Vietnam Summer Festival 2012

The visitors of the Tropicarium Sweden

Kalle Melkersson, Curator of Tropicarium Sweden, visited Dao Tien over Chrostmas break 2012. After his visit he decided to fundraise for the Dao Tien project, supporting the post-release monitoring of pygmy loris and golden-cheeked gibbons. From Swedish visitor support over the summer 2011 a total of £500 was raised with plans to continue the campaign into 2012. Thank you so much for your support, it really makes a difference.

EAST display at the Tropicarium, Sweden