East Updates

Palle takes on the young rabble, Loc, Duane and Tung – She may be a little more tired now!


We are hoping that juvenile golden-cheeked gibbons, Loc, Duane and Tung, will follow big sister Palle into the trees in January.  Palle has supervised these three little ones well for three months – although she does look a little more tired than at first! The trees are vital for these three youngsters at this time in their rehabilitation. For Duane in particular, this next level of rehabilitation is a big ask, but we want to give him this chance. The idea is that for Duane it will encourage him to use his legs more; at the moment he simply jumps like a rabbit instead of in a bipedal motion.  In the illegal trade he was kept as a pet and most of the time bound like a baby, meaning he did not develop normal use in his legs or arms when an infant. The vet team have given him the all-clear physically; so now it’s all in his head.  This next step is important for Duane, as the cage does not appear to be the right kind of infrastructure to encourage the bipedal motion.  He will go with his two girlfriends, Loc and Tung.  Both Loc and Tung came to us as tiny infants, having to be hand-reared.  Both are confident young girls now, Loc strong and pushy while Tung thinks a little more and watches from a distance.  We hope that the group is tight enough to all stay together in the trees and travel as a close family should.  We know that getting young ones in the trees at this age is key for them being release candidates when older. Happy New Year to this little family.